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EE1259: Electromagnetic assignment 1 EE1259 Assignment 6 (Due on 9:30 am, November 9, 2006) 1. A hollow conducting cylinder has inner radius a and outer radius b and carries current I along the positive z - direction. Find H r everywhere 2. A filamentary loop carrying current I is bent to assume the shape of a regular polygon of n sides. Show that at the center of the polygon n r nI H π sin 2 = , where r is the radius of the circle circumscribed by the polygon 3. The magnetic vector potential of a current distribution in free space is given by m Wb a e A z / sin 15 r r φ ρ = Find H r everywhere. Calculate the flux through =5, 0 ≤φ≤π /2, 0 z 10 . 4. A conductor of radius a carries a uniform current density with z o a J J r r = , show that the magnetic vector potential for <a is z o o a J A r r 2 4 1 μ =
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Find the current density J r in free space that induces the magnetic field with m Wb a A z / 10 2 r r = 6. A conducting triangular loop carrying a current of I t is located close to an infinitely long, straight conductor with a current of I s as shown below. Calculate (a) the force on side 1 of the triangular loop, and (b) the total force on the loop. 7. An infinitely long tube of inner radius of a and outer radius of b is made of a conducting magnetic material. The tube carries a total uniform current I and is placed along the z-axis. If it is exposed to a constant magnetic field B o a , determine the force per unit length acting on the tube. 5A z 2m 4m 2m 2A...
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