assign5_electrostatics - r is slid between the plates and...

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EE1259: Electromagnetic assignment 1 EE1259 Assignment 5 (Due on 9:00am October 24, 2005) 1. A large conduction cone ( θ =45 o ) is placed on a grounded conducting plane with a tiny gap separating it from the plane shown below. If the cone is connected to a 50-V source, find V , E , and surface charge density. 2. A parallel-plate capacitor has its plates at x=0, d and the space between the plates is filled with an inhomogeneous material with an electric permittivity + = d x 1 0 ε , if the plate at x=d is maintained at V o while the plate at x=0 is grounded, find: (a) Electrical field potential V(x) , and electrical field E r between two plates (c) Polarization P r in the inhomogeneous materials (d) Bounded surface charge density ρ ps for x=0, and x=d 3. An air-filled parallel palete capacitor of length L , width a , and plate separation d has its plates maintained at constant potential difference V 0 . If a dielectric slab of dielectric constant
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Unformatted text preview: r is slid between the plates and is withdrawn until only a length x remains between the plates as shown below. Show that the force tending to restore the slab to its original position is: ( ) d aV F r 2 1 2 = =45 o 50V gap V x=0 x=d V 0 x l F d EE1259: Electromagnetic assignment 2 4. A spherical capacitor has an inner conductor of radius a carrying charge Q and maintained at zero potential. If the outer conductor contracts from a radius b to c under internal forces, prove that the work performed by the electric field as a results of the contraction is ( ) bc c b Q W 8 2 = 5. A metal bar with conductivity is shown in the figure below, with an inner radius of a , the outer radius of b , and thickness of t , Find R between the vertical surface at =a and =b...
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assign5_electrostatics - r is slid between the plates and...

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