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hw1 - MINITAB 5 Use MINITAB to do the following a Input the...

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ENGR 0020: Spring 2007 Homework - Chapter 1 ( Due Wednesday, Jan 17 ) Answer the following questions from your text: 1. Question 2, p. 10. 2. Question 15, p. 23. Also take the creamy peanut butter data and based on five intervals of equal width, compute frequency, relative frequency, and cumulative relative frequency (see Q 31 for a description of this) for each interval. Then construct a histogram. 3. Question 30, p. 27. 4. Question 33, p. 34. Also, in part (a), calculate the variance, standard deviation, the range and the coefficient of variation.
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Unformatted text preview: MINITAB : 5. Use MINITAB to do the following: a) Input the numbers from Question 23, p. 26. b) Construct a histogram with 4 intervals. c) Construct a histogram with 8 intervals. (Hint for b and c : First construct a histogram and then edit its X-scale; check out the binning option) d) Construct a stem and leaf diagram. e) Compute the range, mean, median, standard deviation and coefficient of variation. f) Construct a box-plot and identify any outliers. g) Is the distribution symmetric, skewed negatively (left) or skewed positively (right)?...
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