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ENGR 0020: Spring 2007 Homework - Probability ( Due Monday, Jan 22 ) Answer the following questions from Chapter 2 of your text - SHOW ALL YOUR WORK IN ALL CASES: 1. Question 6, p. 57. 2. Question 8, p. 58. 3. Question 22, p. 66. 4. Question 25, p. 66-67. 5. Question 32, p. 74. 6. Question 50, p. 84. 7. Question 60, p. 85 (hint: draw a tree diagram. ..). 8. Question 75, p. 90. 9. Question 89, p. 92-93. 10. Case Study: Download the data file ( clark1.xls or clark1.mtw ) from the course web page for the Clark data set ( http://www.pitt.edu/~jrclass/e20/clark1.html
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Unformatted text preview: ). Use MINITAB to find the mean, median and standard deviation of the data set and to prepare a stem-and-leaf diagram, a histogram and a box plot. Read the background to the data as given on the web page and comment on what the data seems to indicate. Also, based on the data set, provide an estimate of the probability that the weight of a candy bar is not within the range that is nominally specified. NOTE: Allow yourself enough time for this assignment - please start early so that you can hand it in on time!...
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