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ENGR 0020: Spring 2007 Homework - Chapter 3 ( Due Monday, February 5 ) Answer the following questions from Chapter 3 of your text - SHOW ALL YOUR WORK IN ALL CASES. Please start early!! 1. Question 2, p. 100. 2. Question 14, p. 109. 3. Question 31, p. 118-119. 4. Question 36, p. 119. 5. Question 46, p. 126. 6. Question 54, p. 127; you need not repeat part (b) when answering parts (c) and (d). 7. Question 56, p. 128. 8. Question 78, p. 138. 9. Question 80, p. 138-139. 10. Question 82, p. 139. 11. For the Clark Data Set, suppose each bar is classified as good (if its weight is within the specified range) or bad (if it's either underweight or overweight).
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Unformatted text preview: Based on the data, in a random sample of 10 what is the expected number of bad bars? How likely is it that you will see at least 6 bad bars in a random sample of 10? 12. Again, for the Clark Data Set, suppose I define the random variable X as follows: Weight <45 gms. (grossly underweight) X=-2 45 weight<49.6 (underweight) X=-1 49.6 weight 53.0 (acceptable) X=0 53.0<weight 56.5 (overweight) X=1 56.5<weight (grossly overweight) X=2 Determine the probability mass function for X and compute and interpret its expected value....
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