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hw4 - Looking at the picture comment on whether the weight...

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ENGR 0020: Spring 2007 Homework - Chapter 4 ( Due Wednesday, February 21 ) Answer the following questions from Chapter 4 of your text - SHOW ALL YOUR WORK IN ALL CASES and as always, get started early . 1. Give three examples of a continuous random variable drawn from your own engineering discipline. 2. Question 8, p. 151. 3. Question 18, p. 159. 4. Question 26, (parts a, c, f, h, i, j) p. 171. 5. Question 28, (parts b, c, d) p. 171. 6. Question 30, p. 171. 7. Question 34, p. 172. 8. Question 42, p. 172. 9. Question 44, p. 172-173. 10. Question 59, p. 180. 11. Question 63, p. 180. 12. Clark Data Set: a) Use MINITAB to construct a histogram (as you did earlier on), but this time, have MINITAB also superimpose (display) the Normal curve on the Histogram.
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Unformatted text preview: Looking at the picture, comment on whether the weight of a candy bar might be a Normally distributed random variable. b) Suppose the weight is indeed Normal with the mean and S.D. of the distribution as given by the MINITAB output - what is the probability that a randomly chosen candy bar is within specifications with respect to its weight? Compute this probability using C alc…Probability D istributions…N ormal in the MINITAB menus and verify that you get the same value if you use the Normal tables at the back of your text. c) Compare the probability you computed in part (b) against the empirical (based on the sample data) probability estimate you obtained and used in your previous two assignments....
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