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ENGR 0020: Spring 2007 Homework - Chapter 7 ( Due : Wednesday, March 28 ) Answer the following questions from your text - SHOW ALL YOUR WORK IN ALL CASES: 1. Question 6, p. 290-291. 2. Question 7, p. 291. 3. Question 18, p. 298. Also calculate a CI for true average shear strength using a confidence level of 90%. 4. Question 32, p. 306. 5. Question 45, p. 311. 6. Question 49, p. 311, part (c). 7. Question 55, p. 312. 8. CLARK DATA SET: Read the update to the original information by going back to http://www.pitt.edu/stat/clark.html and looking at the additional information given. a) Consider the 210 observations in the data set (with the bad sample deleted), i.e., clark3.xls or clark3.sav. Use MINITAB to compute a point estimate for the mean weight of a candy bar, and the standard error associated with this estimate (to compute the mean and standard deviation of the 210 points, first use Da ta…St ack to stack all the data into a single new column, and then use S tat… B asic Statistics… D
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