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ENGR 0020: Probability & Statistics for Engineers I Homework - Chapter 8 ( Due Monday, April 9, 2007 ) Answer the following questions from your text - SHOW ALL YOUR WORK IN ALL CASES: 1. Question 2, p. 324. Also, for valid hypotheses, state whether the corresponding tests are upper, lower or two tailed and for invalid tests, indicate a change that would make it valid.: 2. Question 4, p. 324. 3. Question 11, parts a,b,c,g p. 325-326. 4. Question 20, p. 337. 5. Question 26, p. 338. 6. Question 38, part (a), p. 343. Also, what is the P -value for the test here? 7. Question 46, p. 351. 8. Question 66, p. 356.
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Unformatted text preview: 9. Question 68, p. 357. 10. Question 76, p. 358. 11. CLARK DATA SET Suppose the nominal (advertised) weight of a candy bar is 1.8 oz. ( 51.14 grams). Based on the 210 data points, test the hypothesis that the true average weight of a bar is equal to the nominal value. What is the associated P-value? The production manager claims that the process settings are such that the average weight of a candy bar is equal to 56 grams. Design and conduct a test of hypothesis to check whether the manager's claim is true or not. Again, what is the associated P-value?...
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