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Massachusetts Institute of Technology Department of Physics 8.022 Spring 2004 Assignment 11: Poynting vector practice Post date: Friday, May 7th Due date: NEVER 1. Poynting vector and capacitor: in this problem, you will fnish the calculation that I laid out in lecture. A current I = dQ/dt delivers charge to a capacitor. This capacitor has radius a , and the plates are separated by a distance s . a +Q -Q I s First, ±or practice with these concepts, redo the bits that I did in lecture: (a) Calculate the electric feld — magnitude and direction — between the plates. (b) Calculate the magnetic feld — magnitude and direction — induced by as the electric feld changes with time. (c) Calculate the Poynting vector due to this ~ E and ~ B . Veri±y that it points into the capacitor. Now, fnish the calculation: (d) Calculate the total power, P = R ~ S · d~a , ²owing into the capacitor. Given the Poynting vector you worked out in (c), what is the correct sur±ace to use ±or the integral? (e) Integrate this power over time. Assuming that the capacitor has charge 0 at
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8.022pset11 - Massachusetts Institute of Technology...

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