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Massachusetts Institute of Technology Department of Physics 8.022 Spring 2004 Assignment 4: Capacitance, currents, resistance Post date: Thursday, March 4th Due date: Thursday, March 11th Be sure to write your name and section number on your pset Please staple multiple pages together 1. Purcell 3.17: Spherical capacitor (10 pts). 2. Purcell 3.23: Cylindrical capacitor (10 pts). 3. Purcell 4.4: Resistance of copper cables and the Atlantic ocean (10 pts). 4. Purcell 4.31: Resistor cube (20 pts). This problem is pure, stinking evil if you try a blind application of KirchhoF’s rules. Given that every resistor has the exact same value, think about the potential drop experienced by currents as they go through the cube, and think about the symmetry of the two con±gurations. 5. Purcell 4.33: Minimum power dissipation (10 pts). 6. ²un with ±re (12 pts total): a cylindrical glass rod is heated with a torch until it conducts enough current to cause a lightbulb to glow. It has a length L , a radius
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This homework help was uploaded on 04/11/2008 for the course PHYSICS 8.022 taught by Professor Hughes during the Spring '08 term at MIT.

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8.022pset4 - Massachusetts Institute of Technology...

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