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Massachusetts Institute of Technology Department of Physics 8.022 Spring 2004 Post date: Thursday, April 8th Due date: Thursday, April 22nd Be sure to write your name and section number on your pset Please staple multiple pages together NOTE: Only 75 points are assigned on this pset. If you completed pset 0, 25 points will be added to your score. (I’m pretty sure that this means everybody gets 25 points. ..) 1. Purcell 7.11: Mutual and self inductance of coils (15 pts). 2. Purcell 7.17: LR circuit (15 pts). By grounding this circuit, we make the switch safer to operate. Describe why a large spark jumps across the switch when it is not grounded, and why the spark does not happen when it is grounded. 3. Purcell 7.22: Spin up of a charged ring (15 pts). If you combine this calculation with the
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Unformatted text preview: notion of angular momentum conservation, what can you infer about electromagnetic Felds? 4. Purcell 7.28: Crude estimate of magnetic Feld decay in the earth (15 pts). 5. Self inductance per unit length of coaxial conductors (15 pts). A transmission line consists of a pair of nested, long cylindrical tubes with radii R 1 and R 2 : I I R R 1 2 The current I ±ows up the outer tube and down in the inner tube; these currents are uniformly distributed over their respective surface. Compute the self inductance per unit length of this conFguration. Hint: make life easy for yourself and do so using magnetic energy....
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