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ECE-2325-Lab-2 - Determine the carry flag and store it in...

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Introduction This lab is designed to show us a little about assembly language for the Motorola 68HC12. We do a few operations to manipulate some data and access/store to memory. Equipment • 68HC12 evaluation board • MiniIDE and its respective requirements Procedure 1. Enter relevant data into memory 2. Load data into Accumulators A and B and treat as Accumulator D 3. Add a 16-bit number to Accumulator D 4. Store this number in a specific memory location 5.
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Unformatted text preview: Determine the carry flag and store it in the next memory location 6. Copy 40 bytes from one location in memory to another 7. View memory contents and record results Results This data has been entered at memory location $100A: 00 00 01. The first two bytes are the result of the adding operation $1000 + $F000, and the third bit is the stored carry flag. We then entered an ASCII message starting at memory location $1010 and copied it to memory location $1040....
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