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Engineering Statistics ENGRD270 Homework 1: Descriptive Statistics Spring 2008 Hand in by 1pm on Fri, Feb 1 in the ENGRD270 dropbox (between 2nd floor Rhodes and 3rd floor Upson). Ninety-two students in an introductory statistics course participated in a simple experiment. The students first took their own pulse rates. (Could you do this? Hold your thumb and forefinger of one hand onthe pair of arteries on the side of your neck!) Each student then flipped a coin. If their coin came up Heads, they were to run in place for one minute, else they were to stand still. Then all students took their own pulses again. Some other variables were also recorded: Data dictionary: Variable Description 1. PULSE1 First pulse rate 2. PULSE2 Second pulse rate 3. RAN 1 = ran in place, 2 = stood still 4. SMOKES 1 = smokes regularly, 2 = does not 5. GENDER 1 = male, 2 = female 6. HEIGHT height in inches 7. WEIGHT weight in pounds
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