January 28 - o 1 st performance – 364 BCE (in Rome) o In...

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January 28, 2008 Earliest Roman Literature Plautus and Terence o Comic plays o Highlight social order o Still pertains to the Republic period o Not the first time they wrote; first writings preserved in their entirety Drama – Theater of Dionysus at Athens o 5 th century BCE o Tragedy – Aeschylus, Sophocles (Oedipus Rex), Euripides o Comedy – Aristophanes o 4 th century BCE – Comedy of Menander Written to be performed as part of a religious festival o Actors Wore masks – act through dialogue and posture Maximum of 3 actors on stage at once with chorus behind them All men Female characters played by younger boys/men Greek Theater o Desu ex machine o Set described, not actual set-up Roman drama o Uses works of Menander as models o Set in Athens with Greek names and characters but adapted to Roman Society History of performance (Livy)
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Unformatted text preview: o 1 st performance – 364 BCE (in Rome) o In response to epidemic o Foreign entertainment (Etruscan dancers) o Sketches with jokes o Livius Andronicus – Greek-style comedies with plot (240 BCE) o Rise of professional actors o Atellanae • Plautus o 205-184 BCE o Earliest Roman literature that are complete o 20 comedies o Style Jokes, not the situation, provide comedy Musical comedy performance with singing and flute player Canticum – set story Slaves who scheme for sake of scheming Written in verse o The Haunted House Philolaches – son Philomatium and Scapha (girlfriend [used to be salve] and her slave) Tranio – clever slave Theopropides – father Simo – neighbor Callidamates – friend...
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January 28 - o 1 st performance – 364 BCE (in Rome) o In...

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