February 4 - o After morning salute rooms changed for...

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February 4, 2008 Roman Houses Evidence of early houses – post holes Hearth with smoke hole in the ceiling Roman townhouse o Sources: Vituvius (wrote a book on architecture) and Pompeii (preserved houses) o What house was used for Shelter family and slaves Serve as setting for paretfmailias , doors open to public (morning salute) o Original house plan (hortus) Garden expanded to peristyle (from Greeks) o Kitchen/bathroom not as important rooms; bedrooms anywhere they would fit – only important rooms were public o Ideal plan includes: Shop (tabernae) Atrium – not always hole in the ceiling (compluvium) but always had basin to collect rain water (impluvium) Tablinum Peristyle – garden Could be rather luxurious “controlled nature” Water features (ponds, fountains) Sculptures Triclinium (dining room) – 3 couches
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Unformatted text preview: o After morning salute rooms changed for different use o Built for display/living o Could get really big (40,000 sq ft House of the Fawn) o Kitchen – afterthought room Oven/stove Cooking more skill required Away from main living area o Decoration Wall painting (4 styles) • Fake views, mythological scenes Mosaics on floors Furniture • Stools, tables, couches (reclining), chests, beds • Portable o Light/heat from atrium hole, peristyle Need more: lamps from clay Braziers: portable fireplace-esque o Arca – strong box that holds family wealth Bolted to the floor o Tintinabum – “good luck” doorbell • Luxury villas o Out in countryside • City living o Insula – apartment building o 1 room o Very packed o Lots of noise o Most people lived here...
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February 4 - o After morning salute rooms changed for...

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