February 29 - eat the plates with your food o Bread plates...

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February 29, 2008 Plato and the Tale of Er continued Tartarus (Sisyphus, Ixion, Tantalus) o Punishment part of the underworld o Sisyphus – eternally push a boulder up the hill; tried to cheat Death (wrestled, no burial rights, eventually died) o Ixion – strapped to continuously spinning wheel; tried to seduce Juno/Hera o Tantalus – stole nectar from gods OR served his son to the gods for dinner; constantly thirsty with water that disappeared and hungry with grapes that are out of reach Elysium o Wondrous descendants of Aeneas (Kings of Rome – Augustus) o Marcellus – son of Octavia, dies young, “the sword of Rome” o Unhappy lovers area – Dido, who won’t speak to him Gravitas (seriousness), pietas (faithfulness to mission), fides (respect for elders) o Aeneas gets to Latium Good omens Harpies – you will know you are at the right place when you
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Unformatted text preview: eat the plates with your food o Bread plates Sacrifice where white pig with 30 piglets is seen o 10 year war + 10 year trip Latins o King Latinus, daughter Lavinia o Turnus Lavinias suitor o Allies of Aeneas Etruscans, Evander, and his son Pallas Latinus daughter should marry a foreigner prophecy Mother affected by Juno, opposes marriage to Aeneas War breaks out (Aeneas + Allies vs. Turnus + Allies) Aeneas vs. Turnus in the end Aeneas kills Turnus End of the Aeneid (actually an unfinished work) Iulus founds Alba Longa o Romulus and Remus story The Poem as Literature o Maecenas asked all writers to write an epic poem about Augustus Nobody else could do it Augustan Art o Bust of Augustus Youth Non-threatening appearance Combine real and ideal...
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February 29 - eat the plates with your food o Bread plates...

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