February 18 - o Roman Trials Primarily political Juries =...

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February 18, 2008 Cicero (106-43 BCE) Marcus Tullius Cicero o Novus homo – born in Arpinum o Brilliant lawyer o Prolific letter writer and witness to events o Also philosophic writing (stoic) Novus homo (“New man”) o From Equestine; works way into government ($) o Cursus honorum: 10 year military/legal career Must be 30 to run for 1 st office Magistrate offices Quaestor – financial (75 BCE) Aedile – public buildings (70 BCE) Praetor – chief legal officer (66 BCE) Consul – commanders of military forces o After Consulship Censor/membership in college of Priests Military triumph – winner of decisive victory over a foreign enemy with over 5,000 of the enemy killed and to have brought some of his army home How he did it o Built reputation as lawyer (trained in rhetoric and broad liberal arts education) o 80 BCE: took on a case that nobody else wanted…and won (went against interests of Sulla) o Went to Greece and studied Stoic philosophy
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Unformatted text preview: o Roman Trials Primarily political Juries = men of senatorial rank (sometimes equestrians) No paid lawyers Patronage (how you got a lawyer) Cases heard in the forum o Consular campaign Advice from brother repeated every day I am a New Man, I ma a candidate for the consulship and this is Rome. Work the city and then Italy get clients (morning salute, forum escort, voting canvassers) Avoid seeming argumentative Dig up dirt on your opponents Consulship o Catilines conspiracy (other candidate) Catiline plans to overthrow government Alternative to electing Catiline is Cicero o Prosecution of Catiline senatus consultum Catiline and conspirators Against Rullus o Land reform a commission with elaborate powers to redstribute land o Caesar supported behind the scenes o Opposed by Pompey o Cicero allied with Pompey...
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February 18 - o Roman Trials Primarily political Juries =...

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