February 18 - o Roman Trials Primarily political • Juries...

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February 18, 2008 Cicero (106-43 BCE) Marcus Tullius Cicero o Novus homo – born in Arpinum o Brilliant lawyer o Prolific letter writer and witness to events o Also philosophic writing (stoic) Novus homo (“New man”) o From Equestine; works way into government ($) o Cursus honorum: 10 year military/legal career Must be 30 to run for 1 st office Magistrate offices Quaestor – financial (75 BCE) Aedile – public buildings (70 BCE) Praetor – chief legal officer (66 BCE) Consul – commanders of military forces o After Consulship Censor/membership in college of Priests Military triumph – winner of decisive victory over a foreign enemy with over 5,000 of the enemy killed and to have brought some of his army home How he did it o Built reputation as lawyer (trained in rhetoric and broad liberal arts education) o 80 BCE: took on a case that nobody else wanted…and won (went against interests of Sulla) o Went to Greece and studied Stoic philosophy
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Unformatted text preview: o Roman Trials Primarily political • Juries = men of senatorial rank (sometimes equestrians) No paid lawyers Patronage (how you got a lawyer) Cases heard in the forum o Consular campaign Advice from brother – repeated every day • “I am a New Man, I ma a candidate for the consulship and this is Rome.” Work the city and then Italy – get clients (morning salute, forum escort, voting canvassers) Avoid seeming argumentative Dig up dirt on your opponents • Consulship o Catiline’s conspiracy (other candidate) Catiline plans to overthrow government Alternative to electing Catiline is Cicero o Prosecution of Catiline – senatus consultum Catiline and conspirators • Against Rullus o Land reform – a commission with elaborate powers to redstribute land o Caesar supported behind the scenes o Opposed by Pompey o Cicero allied with Pompey...
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February 18 - o Roman Trials Primarily political • Juries...

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