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February 20 - guest to whom you would say “I would be...

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February 20, 2008 Cicero cont. Against Rullus o His speech Begins with own resume Man of the people Argument People elected me People want peace Some pretend to be friends of the people This law is bad for the Roman people because it creates Rulers over the people and was developed without the consultation with the people’s elected Consul Reiterates his own wonderfulness Wins case Later career o Invited to join 1 st Triumvirate o Banished by his enemies (goes to Greece) because of Catiline’s death o Recalled to Rome and becomes governor of Cilia (Turkey area) Publicani collect tax imposed by the government o Joins Pompey against Caesar Pompey dies Pardoned by Caesar Caesar comes to dinner o In other words we ate together like human beings. But he is not the sort of
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Unformatted text preview: guest to whom you would say “I would be delighted if you would come to stay on your return journey.” • Rome after Caesar’s death o Caesarans (Marc Anthony/Octavian) vs. Conspirators (Brutus, Cassius, Senators) o Cicero joined conspirators Thinks Anthony is bigger problem than Octavian (turns out to be wrong) Launches series of speeches against Marc Anthony • Marc Anthony’s step-father killed during Catiline Conspiracy o Marc Anthony wants public funeral for Caesar and reading of his will Will of Caesar leaves money and garden estate to the people People wonder at Conspirators motives Riot at funeral, Conspirators’ homes burned • People turning against the Senate...
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