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Anthro 2A 05 April 2007 Anthropology- “Study of man” In the US, anthropology is divided into “The Four Fields:” - Physical or Biological Anthropology – Evolution, human genome, etc. - Archaeology- Pottery, artifacts, architecture, writings, middens(trash heaps), etc. - Linguistic - Human languages - Cultural Anthropology- Study of Culture, tends to focus on contemporary societies. Culture- A system of meanings embedded in symbols. It is like a language but bigger- Sometimes called a Meta-Language. Clothing, food, religion, skin color, ethnicity, Job, etc are all part of this meta-language.
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Unformatted text preview: Ethnocentrism- The belief that your own culture is superior Cultural Relativism- The practice of suspending your own biases in order to try to better Understand another culture. Participant Observation- What anthropologists do in the field- their method of study. Ethnography-The written account of another society by an anthropologist. Holistic Perspective- Cultural anthropology tries to understand the whole of the culture. Incommensurability- Some feature value, belief, or practice of one society may not be easily Understood by people living in another society....
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