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Physics 150 Name______________________________ March 14, 2008 Exam #2 Lab Section Number________________ Instructions: There are 20 multiple choice questions (worth 2 points each), and 3 work problems (worth a total of 60 points). You must answer all questions to receive full credit. You must show all equations and substitutions made to obtain your answers for the work problems. Write the final answers to the problems with their respective units in the spaces provided. Part I (40) Part II (60) Total (100) Happy Birthday, big Al! Party Down! Born: March 14, 1879, Ulm, Germany
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Part I: Short Answers Multiple Choice: Please write in the letter of the item that best answers the question. Also enter your answer into the clicker system. 1.______ A boy holds a 40 N weight at arms length for 15 s . His arm is 1.5 m above the ground. The work done by the force of the boy on the weight while he is holding it is (A) 0 J. (B) 6.1 J. (C) 40 J . (D) 60 J . (E) 90 J. 2.______ Which of the following bodies has the largest kinetic energy? (A) Mass 3M and speed V . (B) Mass 3M and speed 2V . (C) Mass 2M and speed 3V . (D) Mass M and speed 4V . (E) All four have the same kinetic energy. 3.______ A golf ball is hit high into the air and then lands in a sand trap below where it was hit. Over its entire flight the work done by gravity and the work done by air resistance, respectively, are (A) positive and positive. (B) positive and negative. (C) negative and positive. (D) negative and negative. (E) Not enough information given to answer the question. 4.______ When a certain rubber band is stretched a distance x , it exerts a restoring force of F = Ax , where A is a constant. The work done by a person stretching this rubber band from x = 0 to x = L , beginning and ending at rest, is (A) AL 2 . (B) A + 2L. (C) A + 2L 2 . (D) A/L. (E) AL 2 /2. 5.______ A 5 kg cart is moving horizontally at 6 m/s . In order to change its speed to 10 m/s , the net work on the cart must be, (A) 40 J. (B) 90J .
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P150_Exam2_W08 - Physics 150 March 14, 2008 Exam #2 Name_...

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