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Anthro 2A 03 May 2007

Anthro 2A 03 May 2007 - Occurred in the mid 1800s to early...

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Anthro 2A 03 May 2007 Problems of Industrialization - Long factory hours - Lack of worker protection and worker rights - Fewer holidays were allowed - “Time-Discipline” – Idea that lives are lived not by natural cycles of the day/body, but rather based on the clock - Wages were very low Reactions against Industrialization in Europe in the 1800s - The Luddites- early 1800s, burned down factories- eventually crushed by British military - The Communists- Karl Marx and Frederick Engles- 1848 Communist Manifesto “Surplus Value”- profits came from employers (capitalists) not paying the workers (proletariat) their full value. By paying the worker less, the commodity gains “surplus value” which becomes profit for the employer Alienation- social isolation was a product of industrialization, because in factories people are being treated like machines, leading to a breakdown of social relations. - The Bohemian Revolution-
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Unformatted text preview: Occurred in the mid 1800s to early 1900s • It was a lifestyle choice/social movement against industrialization • “Starving artist” lifestyle-Labor unions formed in the 1800s to try to reduce some of the negative consequences of working in the factories • Worker protections were put in place that helped guarantee worker rights and more equitable pay-Factory workers in Malaysia – Aihwa Ong • Free trade zones – (FTZ) were created in Malaysia to encourage foreign companies to build factories in Malaysia, they are “deregulated,” so foreign companies can build factories, pay less factories, deal with fewer restrictions in these zones. As such, exploitation of workers is very high in these FTZ. • Demonic Possession – every few months the workload becomes unbearable in the Malaysian factories and the women hallucinate or experience seizures...
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