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CMGT265 - Bid Invitation Assignment - enterprises. 9. There...

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October 21, 2007 CMGT 265 1. I found this bid on the internet at in their “Project Bids and Legal Notices” section. 2. This bid invitation does not state whether the bid is to be sealed or not. 3. The type of project being put out to bid is the improvement of a wastewater treatment plant for Corcoran State Prison. 4. This bid invitation does not state whether the bid is public or private. 5. This bid invitation does not include who it is to be received by. 6. The location of where the bid is to be sent to, is: 1515 “S” Street, Room 410-S, Sacramento, CA 95814. 7. There is a mandatory Pre-bid conference on October 23, 2007, at the Corcoran State Prison. 8. This bid invitation does not state whether contractors are to use disadvantaged business
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Unformatted text preview: enterprises. 9. There is no project prequalification statement to be submitted prior to submitting the bid. 10. This bid invitation does not include a location or website where the bidder can access additional information. 11. A bidder could most likely pick-up a set of plans at the mandatory pre-bid conference. However, it does not specifically state this in the bid invitation. 12. The bid invitation does not include whether there a fee for plans and specifications. 13. If a bidder had questions, they would contact a representative at (916) 324-4914. However, the name of the contact is not provided. 14. The States (Unofficial) estimate for the project is $4.8 million....
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