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10 Points LEED Report November 9, 2007 Your class session will be a little different today. Please spend your class time today researching the following assignment. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is a very hot topic in construction. Many companies are providing these services to inform owners, architects, engineers, and constructors on the importance of LEED. The purpose of this web assignment is for you to develop your own understanding of LEED. In order to develop your understanding of LEED you will want to develop a 1-2 page paper, with 1” margins on all sides, and 1.5 spaced explaining some of the major topics in LEED. In order to format your paper you may want to answer some of the following questions: 1. Specify a specific topic you have researched in LEED (ex. Materials, construction, historic preservation, renewable energy systems, construction trash recycling, fuel, etc.) 2. What did you learn about your LEED subject. 3.
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