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Midterm Writing Assignment (Final Draft)

Midterm Writing Assignment (Final Draft) - English 105...

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English 105 Midterm Assignment February 3, 2007 Poetry Analysis In “Stop All the Clocks, Cut Off the Telephone”, W.H. Auden presents a devastatingly emotional poem about death, isolation, emptiness and longing. In four stanzas the speaker builds a growing mood of sorrow from the time before the funeral (“Stop all the clocks, Silence the pianos…”), during the funeral itself (“Bring out the coffin, let the mourners come...”), and after the funeral (“He was my North, my South...”), and the poem culminates in the loneliness and grief that the speaker expresses. The first two stanzas present several symbols of death. First, the speaker asks us to stop the clocks, cut off the telephone, and silence the noises, and reflect upon the person we are mourning for whose life has been “stopped”, “cut off”, and “silenced.” He also asks us to bring on the beat of the “muffled drum” which is a traditional military
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