Lab 6 Team 6 Algorithm part 2

Lab 6 Team 6 Algorithm part 2 - txtRead.Text =...

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Lab 6 Button Click Event 2 Variables - Average number of children in household As Decimal - Total Kids As Integer - Total Income As Decimal - Number of Households As Integer - Average family income As Decimal - Average age of mothers As Decimal - Average age of fathers As Decimal - strMyFile As String - Dataholder As Char - Age As integer - Count As Integer Calculations strMyString = myFile.Readline(
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Unformatted text preview: txtRead.Text = readFile.Readline Do While not at end of code For Counter 0 to 4 Read a Line Next Age = read a line dataholder = read a line If dataholder = M then Number of Mother =+ 1 Total Age of Mothers = Total Age of Mother + Age ElseIf dataholder = F then Number of fathers += 1 Total Age of Fathers = Total Age of Father + Age End if Next Loop...
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