Lab 6 Team 7 Algorithm part 2

Lab 6 Team 7 Algorithm part 2 - For loopcounter = 1 To 2...

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Variables Average # of Children In Household (dec) Average Family Income (dec) Average Age of Mother(dec) Average Age of Father(dec) Number of Households (dec) Number of Mothers(dec) Number of Fathers (dec) str.MyFile (str) Calculation readFile = New System.IO.StreamReader(Parent Data) Do While readFile.Peek > -1 intCounter = intCounter + 1
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Unformatted text preview: For loopcounter = 1 To 2 readFile.ReadLine() Loop readFile.Close() Average Children in House Hold = Total Children / # Households Average Income = Total Income / # Households Average Age of Mother = Total Age of Mother / # Mothers Average Age of Father = Total Age of Mother / # Father...
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