Lab 6 Team 1 Algorithm part 1

Lab 6 Team 1 Algorithm part 1 - Child gender = readfile...

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Team 1 algorithm for lab 6: Variables: Read file ( Total number of parents (int) Total number of fathers (int) Total number of mothers (int) Total number of boys (int) Total number of girls (int) Child gender (string) Parent relationship (String) Calculations: Read file = (parentData.txt") read whole file Do while Counter = Counter + 1 For counter = 1 to 5 Parentsage = Readfile.readline Next If parentsage <> blank Then total number of parents = total number of parents +1 For counter = 1 To 2 Read File.ReadLine()
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Unformatted text preview: Child gender = readfile. Readline Next If child gender = B then Total number of boys = total number of boys +1 Elseif childer gender = G then Total number of girls = total number of girls + 1 For counter 1 to 6 Readfile.readline() Parent relationship = readfile.readline Next If parent relationship = F then Total number of fathers = total number of fathers +1 Elseif parent relationship = g then Total number of mothers = total number of mother + 1 Close read file...
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