Sketch 5 Wall Section - the bottom of the sketch sheet...

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Sketch No. 5 (5 Points)  Sketch   November 5,  2007 Task For this sketch you will provide a wall section for the Safeway building. In your sketch  you will draw from the footer/foundation to the roof level. Included in this sketch you will  want to make sure to detail label the components of the wall. Include elevations, wall  type, etc.  Make sure the title block on the landscaped version is on the right side. Grades will be assigned for the level of detail included in the drawing. Some things you  might want to include in this detail might be your estimate of the height, width, or length  of the building.  Submission Everyone’s sketch will be due at the beginning of class on Thursday . Sketches will  be submitted  without a coversheet , but should have all of the information  filled out on 
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Unformatted text preview: the bottom of the sketch sheet provided on the next page. Your sketches will be turned in to a box labeled CMGT 265 in the front office. No engineering paper will be accepted for sketches. Grading This assignment will be worth 5 points. A grade will be assessed based on neatness, detail, notes descriptions, and thoroughness . Sketches submitted late will not be accepted . Remember, I am not asking you to become an artist, but use this opportunity to develop your sketching skills. If you should have any questions feel free to get a hold of me. Central Washington University Construction Management CMGT 265 Blueprint Reading and Construction Graphics Date: Sketch Title: CMGT 265 Construction Graphics and Blueprint Reading Name:...
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Sketch 5 Wall Section - the bottom of the sketch sheet...

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