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IT 258 - Spreadsheet Applications Central Washington University The Center for Teaching and Learning Course Syllabus, Spring 2007 1. Course Title: IT 258.02, Spreadsheet Applications, 3 credits Monday, Wednesday 2-3:15 pm o'clock, Shaw/Smyser 217 2. Faculty Member Information: Instructor: Dr. V. Wayne Klemin Phone: (509) 963 1255 Office: Shaw-Smyser 235 Fax: (509) 963 1721 Office Hours: MTWRF 9 – 9:50 am and 3:15 pm; TR 9 am and 3 pm Email: [email protected] 3. Course Description: This course provides an introduction to Microsoft Excel 2003. Prerequisites, IT 101 or CS 101 or demonstration of computer competence. 4. Course Rational: This course prepares students to plan, create, and use spreadsheet application skills. The course covers the MS PowerPoint skills required to pass the Core Level Microsoft Office User Specialist Exam (MOUS). This exam is available through the CWU Testing Center for a nominal fee. Refer to MOUS Objectives, Appendix E. 5. Textbook and other required materials for the course: Microsoft Excel 2003: Comprehensive Concepts and Techniques , Course Card edition with Student Data Files CD, Shelly Cashman Quasney, Course Technology, 2003, ISBN 1-4188-5752-1; SAM disk, CWU PIN and ID, Blackboard access Materials: One floppy or CD disk //home/vdimitrov/4888/78aeede2a885ad4d0dc8d2eb33efc0b01ef5b5e6.doc 1 of 5
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6. Specific Learner and Expressive Outcomes and Assessment Strategies: Learner Outcomes Assessment Strategies The student will be able to. .. Identify and explain components of the Excel window. Application problems, objective tests, applications tests Create, use, and print a worksheet and template. Application problems, objective tests,
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Syllabus - IT 258 Spreadsheet Applications Central...

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