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Project 5 Study Guide - EX 339 Data Subtotals At each...

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Project 5 W 2005 Range = one or more contiguous cells Range Name = the name of the range of cells for use in formulas, functions List is also called a database Database/list is made of records Record are made of fields Field are made of characters EX 313 - EX 314 Create a range as a list - select A8:H8, Data, List Note the arrows above each column and the List dialog box EX 316 Data validation EX 318 Data Form = allows cued data entry (You can also key and correct data directly in the spreadsheet) EX 323 =VLOOKUP(I9,$L$3:$M$7,2) lookup the value in cell I9, in cells L3:M7, place the letter grade found in the second column over (2 is the table column number NOT the sheet column) EX 333 Sort Ascending A to Z, low-high EX 333 Sort Descending Z to A, high-low EX 338 Subtotals, you must convert the list to a range ( Blackboard IT 258 Project 5 Error Correction) Click A9, click List button, Click Convert to Range, Yes, Data NOTE: Always sort first before creating subtotals
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Unformatted text preview: EX 339 Data, Subtotals, At each change, St; Use function, Sum; Add subtotal to Quota, YTD and CLEAR Grade EX 342 Remove All EX 343 Select cell A8:J20, Data, List, Create List, OK EX 344 Data Form EX 346 NOTE: query means the process of filtering out unwanted records EX 348 Show All ( NOT remove all as in subtotal) EX 351 NOTE: Criteria Area heading, note actual criteria range EX 351-352 Advanced filter: Criteria Range, Database, Extract Range EX 352 Filter in Place EX 353 Show all records after filtering in place: Data, Filter, Show All EX 354 Copy to another location = Extract Area NOTE: Extract Area heading, not actual extract range EX 358 #5 Cell R5: Spell Age exactly like you did in cell C9, watch out for extra spaces, be sure to add quotes around the Age, “Age”; EX 359 Spell Gender and Grade exactly, no spaces, and with capitals EX 360 Be sure to put quotes around “A” and “F”...
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