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IT 258 – Project 5 Error Correction Your textbook may have one or two errors depending on how old it is. Possible Error #1: Check your textbook, page EX 338. If Step 1, under To Display Automatic Subtotals in a List, you have an instruction that states “Select cell A7 to make the list inactive.” Your book is wrong. Change the directions as follows: Click the State arrow in cell E8 and then click Sort Ascending in the State list. With cell A9 active, click the List button When Excel displays the List button menu (Figure 5-26 on page EX 328), click Convert to Range.
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Unformatted text preview: When Excel displays the Microsoft Excel dialog box, click the Yes button. Click Data on the menu bar. If you textbook has this error, Figures 5-41, 5-42, and 5-43 show down arrows for each column. Those down arrows will NOT show when you make the above corrections. Possible Error #2: Check your textbook page EX 343. On page EX 343, Step 1, To Sort a List into Its Original Order, replace the directions with this: Make the list active by selecting cells A8:J20 and click Data, List, Create List, and OK. Continue with Step 2 as directed....
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