Midterm Note Sheet - Socratic Wisdom: recognizing the...

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Socratic Wisdom: recognizing the limits of wisdom; not assuming to know something you don’t; admitting when you don’t know something & recognizing it; aka “Socratic Ignorance” Divine Command Theory: Sophists: philosophers that are paid to teach others their “wisdom”. Oracle @ Delphi: Chaerephon asked the oracle if there was any man wiser than Socrates; response was no one was wiser than he. Socrates went on to prove the oracle wrong by finding sophists that were wiser. Gadfly: Daimon: Socrates’ inner voice that told him not to do certain things. Parable of the Cave: Shadows : things we think we know/ Prisoners: Us, Humanity / Sunlit World: enlightenment / Sun: form of good / Messenger: the philosopher(Socrates/) Cave: ?/ Fire: ? Form of the Good: the sun! Social Contract Theory: bound to abide by laws of country if you tacitly consent by living there. The Buddha: title, not name; real name is Sidhartha Gautama(563-483 BC); father kept him secluded from others so he wouldn’t become a spiritual leader; four passing sights: sick man, old man, funeral, & a senyasi(ascetic); became an ascetic @ 29 for 6 years; sat under Bodi tree and had revelation that denying was just as bad as obsession, ration vs. deprive; died @ 80 because of bad boar meat. Cosmic Optimism: Samsara: reincarnation or rebirth; "continuous flowing"; cycle of birth & consequent decay and death in which all Dukkha:
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Midterm Note Sheet - Socratic Wisdom: recognizing the...

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