Writing Assignment 3 - Writing Assignment #3 November 5,...

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Writing Assignment #3 November 5, 2006 Socrates, the famous philosopher of ancient Greece, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the philosophical leader of the civil rights movement, both had very distinct and enlightened views about the just and unjust laws of their time. When Rosa Parks famously refused to give up her seat on the bus to a white man, she was demonstrating a form of resistance known as civil disobedience, which Dr. King was well-known for preaching and applauded her. So to show the similarities and differences of the views of these two men, the question is: Given the way Socrates reacted in the Crito , would he have approved or disapproved of Rosa Parks’s civil disobedience? In the Crito is where Socrates talks the most about his thoughts and views about the legal system and obeying of the laws. After just being sentenced to death, Socrates was visited by Crito who was eager to persuade him into fleeing captivity and saving his life. Socrates, however, refused Crito’s offer for various reasons. First of all, Socrates explained that his leaving was breaking the law, and if every person who felt they had been wronged decided to break the laws too, it would be destructive to the state’s laws and judicial system. Socrates also stated that “Nor must one, when wronged, inflict
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Writing Assignment 3 - Writing Assignment #3 November 5,...

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