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Reading Quiz #4 1. When we include drag forces into free fall motion, before the terminal speed is reached, A) the velocity is increasing while the acceleration is decreasing. B) the velocity is decreasing while the acceleration is increasing. C) both the velocity and the acceleration are decreasing. D) both the velocity and acceleration are increasing. Answer: A. 2. The sedan in the movie Men in Black is able to travel along the ceiling of a tunnel at sufficiently high speed because of the force
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Unformatted text preview: known as A) drag force. B) negative lift force. C) centripetal force. D) banking force. Answer: B. 3. In the amusement park ride, the Rotor, the force of gravity on the rider is balanced by A) normal force of the wall. B) centripetal force of the wall. C) force of kinetic friction due to the wall. D) force of static friction due to the wall. Answer: D....
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