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Jon Crowley Physics Lab 2: Sears Tower Section 1: Data Collection The purpose of this lab was to answer two questions; how many workers are in the Sears Tower and how much water do they use. Our first order of business was to make a rough guess as to the number of people working in the building. These guesses ranged in estimation from 15,000 to 600,000. In order to answer these questions we first had to make a number of estimations to be used for our determinations of the amount of people. Initially, we were given the dimensions of the base of the building. From here we had to estimate all other dimensions of the building. We started by saying the building is about 110 stories tall. Since the tower is not a perfect cubic rectangle, guesses had to be made about the dimensions of different sections. Our group divided the tower into 3 sections whose measurements are shown below. After the dimensions are known for the building, we can then begin to estimate the area and volume for each floor. The lab gives us a floor model to visualize the amount of usable space on each floor. Judging from the floor plan, we concluded that about 7/9ths of the area of each floor could be considered usable space. The calculations for area and volume are below.
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This note was uploaded on 04/12/2008 for the course PHYS 210 taught by Professor Marshland during the Spring '08 term at Northern Illinois University.

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Physics lab 2 - Jon Crowley Andy & Brad Physics Lab 2:...

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