physics lab 3 - Jon Crowley Physics 210 section 1 Andy Brad...

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Physics 210: section 1 Projectile Motion The purpose of this lab was to measure the effects of gravity on an object traveling at a certain velocity. To do this, two experiments utilizing glass tubes, a steel ball and carbon paper were used. The first experiment was conducted using a glass tube approximately 1.5m long. At one end, the tube is elevated in order for the ball to establish a certain velocity ( v ). The other end of the tube is open, this allows the ball to leave the tube at some velocity and be exposed to the effects of gravity ( g ). Initially we measured the height ( h ) of the opening of the tube where the ball would exit from. We then marked off a 1m section of the tube. During trial runs, this 1m section will be used to calculate the velocity of the ball traveling through the tube. The trial of dropping the ball into the tube and measuring the time ( t ) it took to travel 1m was done 5 times. An average of the five times was taken and used in the calculation of the velocity. All calculations are shown below. h = height of the tube opening = 78.5cm t = time s = seconds [ t 1 = 0.78s + t 2 = 0.75s + t 3 = 0.72s + t 4 = 0.70s + t 5 = 0.74s] = t av = 0.74 s 5 trials total Knowing the average time it takes the ball to travel 1m horizontally and the distance it traveled in that time, we can calculate the velocity using the equation x = v i t where: x = disposition v i = initial velocity t = time The initial equation change around to solve for v looks like this: v = d/t v = 1m/0.74s = 1.35 = 1.4m/s The next step is to use the height ( h ) and the horizontal speed ( v i ) to determine how far horizontally the ball will travel before it reaches the ground. This distance, from the opening of the tube to the point of impact on the ground, is known as the range ( R ). To find this value we use the equation
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physics lab 3 - Jon Crowley Physics 210 section 1 Andy Brad...

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