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Set 8-Light, Index of Refraction

Set 8-Light, Index of Refraction - not refracted Tries 0/99...

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Alexa Marie Elias - PHY 232 Fall 2006 1 Set 8 (due 11/3) Due date: Fri Nov 3 18:00:00 2006 A light ray of λ = 400 nm enters at an angle of incidence of 36.1 o from air into a block of plastic. Its angle of refraction is 22.0 o . What is the speed of the light inside the plastic? Tries 0/99 A laser beam enters a 11.5 cm thick glass window at an angle of 59.0 from the normal. The index of refraction of the glass is 1.41. At what angle from the normal does the beam travel through the glass? Tries 0/99 How long does it take the beam to pass through the plate? Tries 0/99 Sunlight strikes a piece of crown glass at an angle of incidence of 35.2 o . Calculate the di±erence in the angle of refraction between a orange (610 nm) and a violet (410 nm) ray within the glass. The index of refraction is n=1.522 for orange and n=1.538 for violet light. Tries 0/99 The ray now travels inside the glass. What is the minimum angle of incidence at which the orange ray can hit the surface of the glass and become there totally internally re²ected and
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Unformatted text preview: not refracted? Tries 0/99 A green light is submerged 1.90 m beneath the surface of a liquid with an index of refraction 1.35. What is the radius of the circle from which light escapes from the liquid into the air above the surface? Tries 0/99 The refractive index of a transparent material can be deter-mined by measuring the critical angle when the solid is in air. If θ c = 41.5 ◦ what is the index of refraction of the material? Tries 0/99 A light ray strikes this material (from air) at an angle of 34.5 ◦ with respect to the normal of the surface. Calculate the angle of the re²ected ray (in degrees). Tries 0/99 Calculate the angle of the refracted ray (in degrees). Tries 0/99 Assume now that the light ray exits the material. It strikes the material-air boundary at an angle of 34.5 ◦ with respect to the normal. What is the angle of the refracted ray? Tries 0/99...
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