Set 2-Electrostatics, Work, Circuits

Set 2-Electrostatics, Work, Circuits - Jessica Ann Elrod-...

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Unformatted text preview: Jessica Ann Elrod- PHY 232 Spring 2007 1 Set 02 (01/23 midnight) Due date: Tue Jan 23 23:59:00 2007 Select True or False for the following statements about con- ductors in electrostatic equilibrium. Choices: True , False . A. Charges prefer to be uniformly distributed throughout the volume of a conductor. B. All points of a conductor are at the same potential. C. The electric field inside the conducting material is al- ways zero. D. Just outside the surface of a conductor, the electric field is always zero. You are correct. Your receipt is 162-2243 The figure shows three charges q 1 , q 2 and q 3 situated at cor- ners of a rectangle of sides a = 14.0 cm and b = 8.0 cm. q 3 q q 2 1 a b For q 1 = 4.10 C, q 2 = -4.10 C, and q 3 = 2.30 C find the electric potential at the center of the rectangle. Tries 0/12 Continuing with the figure above, how much of the electric energy of the system would be expended in moving q 3 to infinity while q 1 and q 2 remain in their positions? Tries 0/12 The figure below shows two points in an electric field. Point 1 is at (X 1 ,Y 1 ) = (3,4), and point 2 is at (X 2 ,Y 2 ) = (12,9). (The coordinates are given in meters.) The electric field is constant with a magnitude of 65.3 V/m, and is directed parallel to the +X-axis. The potential at point 1 is 1100.0 V. Y X . 1 . 2 Calculate the potential at point 2 ....
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Set 2-Electrostatics, Work, Circuits - Jessica Ann Elrod-...

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