Analytical Paper II

Analytical Paper II - Analytical Paper II PPA 381: Budget...

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Analytical Paper II PPA 381: Budget Process Due November 1, 2007-Submit as E-mail Attachment Please respond to the following scenario by writing a 4-6 page professional memorandum. In preparing the memo, you should write from the perspective of a local government analyst and address the memo to your boss, Gary Kirk, Director of Management Analysis. You may use any reputable written source to help develop your memo, but you may not consult with any other person (except your boss). Please include citations for written sources as footnotes. You will be graded on the following criteria: 1) Clarity (20%): This includes grammar, spelling, formatting, sentence and paragraph structure, and overall continuity. 2) Effectiveness (20%): This includes your use of evidence to support your recommendation, the logic of your argumentation, and the overall persuasiveness of your presentation. 3) Content (60%): This is based upon your degree of understanding of the issues and context as evidenced in the memo. The quality of your analysis is also a major factor in determining this score. It also takes into consideration the appropriateness, practicality, and thoroughness of your recommendation. The Scenario Kirkland, Virginia (population 28,676) is once again facing a difficult policy issue. Due to increased tourist traffic in the downtown historic district, parking has become a major deterrent for city residents who have traditionally shopped and dined in the district. The Downtown Business Coalition (DBC) has formally complained to the town that many businesses are struggling to survive because they have lost loyal local customers and
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Analytical Paper II - Analytical Paper II PPA 381: Budget...

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