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Chapter 2 3 4

Chapter 2 3 4 - America Experience Ch 2-4 Discussion...

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America Experience 9/05/06 Ch 2-4 Discussion Countries Exploring Spain – Carribean, New Spain Portugal – Brazil France – Lousiana and New France English – Virginia Dutch – New Netherlands Swedish – New Sweden Jamestown – Establish in 1607 by the Virginia Company (Privately owned) -Royals gained profit from settlement -Royals have no risk -Royals only responsibility is to give charter to Virginia Company -British Royal Government is minimally involved in the beginning Ills of Jamestown: Disease Bad water (brakish) Indian hostility Too wet for farming Lack of food Wealthy noblemen population not willing to work Poorly organized 1609-1610 – The Starving Time -Cannibalism -All pets eaten -Many died John Smith – DON’T WORK, DON’T EAT -improved trade with Indians (corn) – lead to theft from idiands John Rolfe circa 1614 -Cross polonated tobacco to make a milder tobacco -lead to a lot of tobacco export to Europe -Profit for Company and individuals
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Ways to get to America Head Right – Pay travel and upon arriving, 50 acres will be given to each person -Free land equals opportunity for tobacco, money, family, landowner Indentured Servitude – Landowner pays for travel and a contract is signed in which -the indentured servant will work for 5-7 years -the servant will receive “freedom dues”- seeds, hoe, 50 acres from company and landowner House of Burgesses – An elected assembly Company says that all landowners are able to be elected and can vote African slaves resulted from American Tobacco Trade Africans were indentured servants first
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Chapter 2 3 4 - America Experience Ch 2-4 Discussion...

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