test 2 - Geocentric: Earth-centered model Heliocentric:...

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Geocentric: Earth-centered model Heliocentric: Sun-centered model Ellipse: Oval-shaped orbit, measured on a scale from 1 (flat line) to 0 (perfect circle) Eccentricity: Measure of the “flatness” of an ellipse. Force: The push or pull on an object Mass: An object’s resistance to acceleration Acceleration: Any change in speed or distance. Weight: Force of gravity on an object Geosynchronous: Geocentric orbit that has the same orbital period as the sidereal rotation period of the earth, such as a satellite. Must travel 18,000 mph at 26,200 miles above the earth. Celsius Kelvin Fahrenheit Wavelength: Distance between crests of two waves, measured in nanometers Frequency: Measure of how many waves pass a certain point in a certain time (1 hertz= 1 wave per second) ROYGBIV: Spectrum of visible light, in colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. Electromagnetic spectrum: Range of all possible electromagnetic radiation that an object emits, reflects, or transmits. Continuous spectrum: Occurs when white light is shone through a clear scattering medium, such as water droplets or a prism, shows entire spectrum. Emission Spectrum: Shows an element’s relative intensity of electromagnetic radiation of each frequency it emits when heated. Can be used to determine the composition of
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test 2 - Geocentric: Earth-centered model Heliocentric:...

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