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GEO 105 oct 24 - GEO 105 1 Place as meaning a Embodying...

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GEO 105 10/24/07 1. Place as meaning a. Embodying place- tattoos i. Geographic images on the skin ii. Place in society 1. Outsiders, rebels 2. Blue collar laborers 3. Military iii. Symbols of separation 1. Driven by culture and personal choice iv. Linked to identity b. American style tattoo i. Developed in late 1800s through mid 1900s ii. Flash- mass produced designs iii. Body placement- did not matter where it was placed iv. Collections 1. Multiple designs, styles and artists v. Use of banners, text vi. Often memorial vii. Common themes: 1. Patriotism: flags, eagles, anchors 2. Toughness/violence- daggers, skulls 3. Hearts, banners, roses 4. Birds, especially swallows 2. Tattoos and place a. Prisons
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i. Forcibly separated from society ii. New identity b. Gangs- closely linked to location, i.e. turf c. Connections to rap/urban culture i. Denotes pride/ belonging 1. Street names (often in gang names) 2. Area and zip codes d. Colleges, universities and youth culture e. Campus, bars, clubs, parks, cafes i. Estimate 25-40% under age of 30 have ink done ii.
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