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GEO 105 Nov 5 - GEO 105 Nov 5 I Middle East and North...

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GEO 105 Nov 5 I. Middle East and North Africa a. TO map divided into 3 sections. Europe, Africa and asia b. Known World (ecumene) i. Three continents 1. Asia (top) 2. Europe ( bottom left) 3. Africa (bottom right) ii. Four Major waters 1. Great Ocean (O) 2. Don River 3. Nile River 4. Mediterranean Sea II. Psalter World Map 1265 a. A ‘great’ medieval map b. Full of symbolism c. Mix if classically important towns and then modern towns i. Paris, Lyon, Barcelona, Cologne, London d. References to 1219 and 1249 Crusades III. Simon Marmion 1460 a. Descendents of Noah i. Shem in Asia ii. Japheth in Europe iii. Ham in Africa IV. European Borders a. “… the single major source of contemporary conflicts in the region…”
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b. Why these borders? Why these problems? i. Social Structure 1. Tribe a. Common set of ideas b. Collective loyalty and political action 2. Promoted by Europeans to prevent nationalist movements c. Resource: Water i. Linear feature (coastlines, rivers) ii. Spots (oasis, mountains, wells) iii. Scarce, needed for agriculture, cities d. Resource: Oil i. Located underground, crosses borders ii. Located in previously unimportant areas iii. Finite V. Regional Landforms a. North Africap285 i. Maghred (west island) 1. Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia; dominated by the Atlas mountains b. Southwest Asia i. Levant: eastern Mediterranean region of SW asia has mountains and highland ii.
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