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James Weidner Peace Studies 201 12/05/07 The Third Side: Hey, I Learned Something I can apply in Real Life! Conflict is present in everyone’s’ lives; whether at a global, local, or personal level, conflict affects all of us. It is something that is, in our lives, inevitable. Therefore, because it is impossible to remove conflict from our lives, the best we can hope to do is contain it. In my case, the conflict that follows me everywhere is the conflict within my family, more specifically between my brother and mom. While this conflict is not always present, it presents itself every once in awhile and I usually have to be the one to sort things out. This occasional conflict has been ongoing for about five years. I will give a brief, but thorough, summary of my conflict situation followed by the third side roles that are present and those that are not present in this situation. I will also give reason as to why some of these roles are active and why some are not. As I stated before, this conflict involves my mom and brother. The problem stems ultimately from personality differences. My brother and mom have completely different personalities. This personality difference causes many small conflicts that arise in high tensions around the house. A large problem that leads to these problems stems from my brothers autism. This is not only a contributing factor to the personality differences but it also frequently stresses everyone out in the house, myself included. While we both love him very much his social disorder is very stressful as it forces my mom and me to constantly watch and assist him in many everyday social settings that a normal twenty two year old would be able to handle. I still am very happy that he is my brother because his disorder has taught me so much about life and myself, it’s just that sometimes it wears me thin. I even get these feelings while I am living in Milwaukee, I can only imagine
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how it must stress my mom out, and I can’t even begin to comprehend how big of a pain it is for my brother to live with. As I stated earlier, these small problems began to break out about five years ago. I believe that there were always smaller conflicts before then but after the death of my father and my brothers ensuing depression, the arguments got more and more potent. It also forced me to be thrust into the position of the third side. Now that I am in college, I have grown more into my role as the third side. My
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peace - James Weidner Peace Studies 201 The Third Side Hey...

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