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Brittney Harris History 111 Dr. Connell 5 April 2007 China’s Northern Frontier There were troubled times in China when the region tried to become unified. There were so many lives that were lost and families that were destroyed. Why couldn’t they continue with the nomadic way of life? The nomads had a great agrarian culture. They were quite successful in all the farming that they began. This should have been a building block for the Chinese culture. This creates peace and understanding because of trade. Much is learned when trade goes on; new languages, traditions, and even agrarian techniques. Nomads were able to utilize the secrets learned form trade and used them wisely to create a centralized trade economy. This helped support their farming. There is a set back to this economy. If the
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Unformatted text preview: agriculture is not doing well where they are they have to move to support themselves. This takes a lot of time and effort that they could be spending on their crops. The nomads success with trade led to “a center of tributary wealth.” They were able to provide for themselves with natural development. This life seems a lot better and more successful than the Turks way of life; fighting for power. They wasted a lot of time and effort to rule China with the notion that they might lose everyone in their tribe to get there. In the Nomads way of life, you die of starvation because your crops didn’t grow. In the Turks way of life, you die because you fight for something that may never occur....
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