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Chapter 4 The Police Mission- Enforce and support the laws. Investigate crimes and apprehend offenders. Prevent crime. Help ensure domestic peace and tranquility. Reduce crime and disorder. Crime Prevention- The anticipation, recognition, and appraisal of a crime risk and the initiation to of action to eliminate or reduce it. Techniques; access control, surveillance, theft-deterrence devices. CompStat- A crime-analysis and police management process built on crime mapping that was developed by the NYPD in the mid 1990’s. Identifies crime hot spots, spatial distribution of incidents, and distance analysis. Quality-of-life offenses- A minor violation of the law that demoralizes community residents and businesspeople (creats social disorder or reflects social decay.) Broken window thesis- physical decay in a community can breed disorder and lead to crime by signaling that laws are not being enforced. FBI- began in 1908ans now has 56 field offices and 400 satellite offices (resident agencies). Created the National Computer Crime Squad. Operates the Combined DNA Index System. State-level agencies- Most were created in the late nineteenth early 20 th century. Texas Rangers. Centralized model- The tasks of major criminal investigations are combined with the patrol of state highways. (PA state police was the first of this kind!) Decentralized model- Clear distinction between traffic enforcement on state highways and other state-level enforcement activities. Local Agencies- Municipal departments, rural sheriff departments, and specialized
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criminaljusticechap4 - Chapter 4 The Police Mission Enforce...

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