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Chapter 5 Bill of Rights- the first ten amendments to the constitution which is considered important in the processing of criminal defendants. Illegally seized evidence- Evidence seized without regard to the principles of due process. (searches without a warrant, improperly conducted interrogations.) Double jeopardy- when a defendant faces a retrial on the same charges following acquittal at the original trial or when a defendant is retried after having been convicted. Writ of certiorari- obtaining lower court records of its proceedings. Probable cause- A set of facts and circumstances that would induce a reasonably intelligent and prudent person to believe that a particular other person has committed a specific crime. Reasonable grounds to make or believe an accusation. Magistrates- Low-level judges who act to ensure that the police have established the probable cause needed for warrants to be obtained. Compelling interest- Provides a basis foe suspicion less searches when public safety is at issue. Suspicion less search- without a warrant and without suspicion. Interrogation- The information-gathering activity of police officers that involves the direct questioning of suspects. Inherent coercion- The tactics used by police interviewers that fall short of physical abuse but that nonetheless pressure suspects to divulge information Psychological manipulation- Manipulative actions by police interviewers, designed to pressure suspects to divulge information, that are based on subtle forms of intimidation and control. Electronic Communications Privacy Act- ECPA- A law passed by Congress in 1986 establishing the due process requirements that law enforcement officers must meet in order to legally intercept wire communications. Electronic evidence- Information and data of investigative value that are stored in or
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criminaljusticechap5 - Chapter 5 Bill of Rights- the first...

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