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Weekly Assignment 5 - The slaves that were slain were...

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Brittney Harris Mr. Connell History 111 1 March 2007 Book of the Gods and Rites Diego Duran wants to end the human sacrifices in the Mesoamerican religion. These practices mean a significant amount to this community. It is stated that “there are three established honored ways in all the nations,” but they didn’t include the slaves. One question must be asked; if the slaves are to be honored, why don’t they get the same rewards? People travel from up to twelve miles to get to the great feast, every five days, to honor their Gods. This market, or tianguiz, is the life of this community. This is the only place, by law, that people may buy or sell items. People were afraid of the wrath of the God of the market so they did not miss this event and did not sell or but outside of it. In the Azcapotzalco and Itzocan markets slaves were slain after they had finished representing a God.
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Unformatted text preview: The slaves that were slain were brought to the market, in a collar with one yard poles across their backs, because they broke a law. If the slave was successful in escaping the premises of the market before he was caught by his master, he was granted “complete freedom” and was to be honored. The “complete freedom” that was granted is that they are to be a servant in the palace. This is completely different from the other three honored people who got; weapons, great honors, and even the equivalence’s of a duke. It seems far-fetched that he says that the slaves get “complete freedom.” The differences in honoring slaves from the other three doesn’t seem equivalent in any way. If the slaves escape they get to be slaves for someone else but if the three other established honored ways get far more benefits. Freedom in this sense isn’t true freedom....
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Weekly Assignment 5 - The slaves that were slain were...

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