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Brittney Harris History 111 Professor Connell 18 April 2007 Witchcraft Documents These documents were the leaders of the witchcraft regime. They “proved” the existence of witches, explored how to identify a witch, and discussed how to sentence a witch. Both documents advocated the idea that women were the chief witches and the use of torture was needed to suppress the spread of witchcraft. The Witch Hammer became the Inquisitions textbook. Why were these documents so influential? A partial reason of why these two documents were so successful was that they were the first few that were actually printed, from the printing press, and distributed. This helped spread the news of “witchcraft” and its horridness.
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Unformatted text preview: The Papal Bull of 1484 and the Witch Hammer were the first documents, of their time, about witches. This is the first that people have really heard of witches. Most of the stuff in these documents weren’t very appealing, so people got a bad perception of them. The Papal Bull describes that the Inquisition has complete power to get rid of any “witches.” The Witch Hammer explains how to torture witched until they confessed of being a witch. Even if you just had a disability they would consider you a witch. So no one was safe. These were the first things published and were regarded just as highly. They took no mercy on the people that were persecuted....
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