religionchap8 - Judaism Torah-"teaching" Tanakh-...

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Judaism Torah-“teaching” Tanakh- “old testament”- Hebrew bible Pentateuch- The five books of Moses that are at the beginning of the Tanakh. (the creation, the garden of Eden, the great flood, the tower of Babel. Yahweh- supreme male deity. Covenant- a contract between the Jewish people and God. Circumcision- Cutting away of the foreskin of the penis. Eight days after birth. Bris- the ceremony for the circumcision. Hebrew- habiru-used for the low-class, landless people who lived as outlaws and where often hired as mercenaries. Lord is considered too sacred to be pronounced. Ark of the Covenant- The shrine containing God’s commandments to Moses. Gentiles- non-Jewish people. Jews- when the Judeans were taken into exile in Babylonia, they were know as this because they are from Judah. Diaspora- “disperse”- Persian emperor Cyrus the great set the Jews free and many of them did not return to Jerusalem. Three sects were formed under the Hasmonean Kings; Sadducees- priest and wealthy businesspeople, conservatives intent on preserving the letter of the law. Pharisees- Liberal citizens from all classes who sought to study the applications of Torah
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religionchap8 - Judaism Torah-"teaching" Tanakh-...

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